Monday, July 14, 2008

Italian food at Gino's, Brooklyn.

Fantastic !!

Jonathan Butler at the Brooklyn Tab

A truly gifted man !! God has sure blessed him. Check out his music here.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Philly Gospel Fest 2008

We, as in Michelle Bonillia and the Band, got to play a short set during the Philly Gospel fest while I was able to grab a few frames before we went on. The rain held off, but the groove was all over the place, raising the PRAISE !!

Philly Wedding !!

The rain did not stop this lovely couple from thoroughly enjoying their beautiful Wedding Day. We scurried over as quickly as we could to get some pictures at the Art Museum after the ceremony. Back at the reception, the festivities and celebration continued till the wee hours - until the family just hung out and celebrated together by playing "musical chairs". Great Stuff - the love that the families shared was self evident. Congratulations Marina and Milan !!

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Recent Food Project

Credit to Food Photographer Lou Manna - for his tips and tricks and his wonderful workshop and Master Chef/Photographer, Dennis as well. Certainly a great team of teachers who were down to earth, very accommodating and just decent guys. If you are looking for a Photo Workshop, centered around Food Photography - this is it !!