Saturday, June 6, 2009

Unbranded Beauty by Megan

I was able to get a quick shoot this past week with a dear friend of mine, Megan, who in spite of the slight drizzle, was just her exuberant self. Nothing really deters Megan. The turns that her life has taken so far and what she has been blessed to accomplish so quickly has consistently been an encouragement to both my wife and I. She is looking forward to serving again on the Mercy Ship in West Africa in a few weeks for 6 months. She had worked on the Ship as a pediatric nurse and will be going soon to work in the Communications Department. If have never heard of the Mercy Ship ministry, please do check it out on her blog. She also worked on another amazing project which is close to my hear as well, titled "Unbranded Beauty." She has put together a short video which I would encourage you to see. This is a message that young men and women NEED to hear in this culture.

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